azurecurve RSS Suffix 1.0.1 Released

WordPressA new version of the azurecurve RSS Suffix is now available from the Plugins Directory.

I have added $post_title and $post_url as variables which can be used in the RSS Suffix; they will be replaced with the name and url respecitvely so you can form a link back to the original post.

The RSS Suffix plugin is now available for download on

Anatomy Of A WordPress Plugin: The Basics

WordPressThroughout this Anatomy Of A WordPress series I am going to be running through a number of the functions I use a lot and other items required when developing plugins. But, for the first post, it is probably best to start at the very beginning.

When creating a WordPress plugin, the first thing to do is to create the folder in which the files are to be stored. When doing so it is best to pick a name which is going to be unique; I am also typically giving them a name which will group all of my plugins together.

All of the plugins I have created so far have azurecurve at the start of the name. e.g.


Within the file create a php file of the same name with the php suffix:


Open the file and enter the php tags, between which all php code will be entered, at the top and bottom:


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Anatomy Of A WordPress Plugin: Series Index

WordPressHaving recently taken up writing plugins for WordPress I am currently on quite a step learning curve; these posts will serve as reminders to myself on what the different parts of a WordPress plugin arehow they hang together.

If anyone spots something which could be better, or is flat out wrong, please leave a comment explaining why and how to do better.

This post is the series index, displayed below, which will expand to show new posts as they are published:

Anatomy Of A WordPress Plugin
The Basics
Coding Paradigms
Loading The CSS
Loading The JavaScript
Loading CSS & JavaScript Together
Adding A Shortcode
Shortcode Extract Of Parameters
Adding Admin Menu For Options Page
Adding Admin Submenus For Options Pages