Plugins Updated For WordPress 4.2

WordPress With the update of WordPress to version 4.2 I have re-tested all of my plugins against this version and updated the tested against version number accordingly.

All azurecurve plugins are working against WordPress 4.2 and are available for download from the Plugin Directory.

azurecurve RSS Suffix 1.0.1 Released

WordPressA new version of the azurecurve RSS Suffix is now available from the Plugins Directory.

I have added $post_title and $post_url as variables which can be used in the RSS Suffix; they will be replaced with the name and url respecitvely so you can form a link back to the original post.

The RSS Suffix plugin is now available for download on

azurecurve RSS Suffix 1.0.0 Released

My sixth plugin has just been published via the Plugins Directory; the RSS Suffix allows a suffix, such as a copyright notice or link back to be added to each item in the RSS feed.

This plugin is multi-site compatible and allows a network default RSS suffix to be set via the Network Admin area while each site in the network can set their own RSS suffix.

The RSS Suffix plugin is now available for download on