Allows users to use standard bbcode in posts and pages in place of HTML.

The following bbcodes can be used:
Bold: [b]bold[/b]
Italic: [i]italics[/i]
Underline: [u]underline[/u]
Center Text:[center]centered text[/center]
Strike :[s]strike this out[/s] [strike]strike this out[/strike]
Quote: [quote]Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit,[/quote] [quote=NAME]Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet[/quote]
Color: [color=”red”]red[/color] [color=”ff0000″]hex red[/color] [color=#ff0000]hex red[/color]
Font size: [size=12pt]12pt font size[/size] [size=1.2em]1.2em font size[/size] [size=12px]12px font size[/size]
Image: [img][/img] [img=Code is Poetry][/img]
URL: [url][/url] [url=]WordPress[/url] [link][/link] [link=]WordPress[/link]
Ordered lists: [ol][li][/li][li][/li][/ol]
Unordered lists: [ul][li][/li][li][/li][/ul]
Table: [table][tr][th][/th][th][/th][/tr][tr][td][/td][td][/td][/tr][tr][td][/td][td][/td][/tr][/table]
Code:[code]function azc_bbcode_bold($atts, $content = null) { return “”.do_shortcode($content).””; }[/code]

Allows users to use standard bbcode in posts and pages.


Download from


To install the plugin copy the azurcurve-bbcode folder into your plug-in directory and activate it.


Changes and feature additions for the BBCode plugin:


  • First version


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