Anatomy Of A WordPress Plugin: Series Index

Having recently taken up writing plugins for WordPress I am currently on quite a step learning curve; these posts will serve as reminders to myself on what the different parts of a WordPress plugin arehow they hang together. If anyone spots something which could be better, or is flat out… Read more“Anatomy Of A WordPress Plugin: Series Index”

azurecurve Series Index 1.0.0 Released

I have just had a second plugin published via the Plugins Directory; this one is a series index. This plugin displays a series index using a custom series-index Shortcode. This plugin is multi-site compatible and contains an inbuilt show/hide toggle. The shortcode can be used on posts and pages;… Read more“azurecurve Series Index 1.0.0 Released”

azurecurve WordPress Development

Not sure if I can actually say that this site has been launched until I have my first plugin ready for release (which hopefully will be soon), but the basics of the site are now in place so I guess it can beregarded as a soft-launch. The first plugin, Posts… Read more“azurecurve WordPress Development”