Anatomy Of A WordPress Plugin: Series Index

WordPressHaving recently taken up writing plugins for WordPress I am currently on quite a step learning curve; these posts will serve as reminders to myself on what the different parts of a WordPress plugin arehow they hang together.

If anyone spots something which could be better, or is flat out wrong, please leave a comment explaining why and how to do better.

This post is the series index, displayed below, which will expand to show new posts as they are published:

Anatomy Of A WordPress Plugin
The Basics
Coding Paradigms
Loading The CSS
Loading The JavaScript
Loading CSS & JavaScript Together
Adding A Shortcode
Shortcode Extract Of Parameters
Adding Admin Menu For Options Page
Adding Admin Submenus For Options Pages

azurecurve Series Index 1.0.0 Released

I have just had a second plugin published via the Plugins Directory; this one is a series index.

This plugin displays a series index using a custom series-index Shortcode. This plugin is multi-site compatible and contains an inbuilt show/hide toggle. The shortcode can be used on posts and pages; the format of the index and other options are user configurable through an Admin page.

Two custom fields (Series and Series Position) need to be added to each post in the series; these fields are used for selecting the posts and ordering them when the index is displayed.

Series Index plugin settings

There is a full range of options to configure the plugin for use which can be set via an options page in the WordPress Admin panel.

The plugin is now available for download on

azurecurve WordPress Development

Not sure if I can actually say that this site has been launched until I have my first plugin ready for release (which hopefully will be soon), but the basics of the site are now in place so I guess it can beregarded as a soft-launch.

The first plugin, Posts Archive, is currently in beta test and a further three plugins will be following. The three are:

  • Series Index – Add a couple of custom fields to a post (Series and Series Position) and have an index displayed where you add the shortcode. I usually combine use of this shortcode with the next plugin.
  • Toggle Show/Hide – Allows a section of a page to be hidden with a toggle switch at the top.
  • Delay Contact Form 7 JQuery – The Toggle Show/Hide plugin showed up on one of my sites as causing compatibility problems with the Contact Form 7 plugin so I came up with a plugin to delay the load of Contact Form 7 unless it was necessary. This option works for me as I have never had a series index and contact form on the same page.