A Review of Rapid SASS By Brock Nunn

Rapid SASS is a video tutorial by Brock Nunn and published by Packt Publishing. It is billed as being aimed at web designers and developers who are familiar with and make use of HTML, CSS, and moderate JavaScript.

Rabid SASS by Brock Nunn

While my main job is as a consultant working with Microsoft Dynamics GP, I also have a sideline doing some web development and, much more recently, writing plugins for WordPress (I also have a couple of themes in development). This sideline started back in about 2008 when I started creating my own websites (I also created my own MVC framework) and gradually moved to WordPress in 2011.

So while I am not a professional web developer (and would never dare call myself a web designer) I do fall within the target market for this tutorial.

My first exposure to SASS was when I did a review of SASS CSS How-to by Alex Libby. When I did that review it was my intention to take a dive into SASS and look to use it. However, reality intervened and I never progressed with it; so when Packt contacted me to do a review of this tutorial, I jumped at the chance.

The course is well structured and clearly narrated by Brock Nunn who obviously knows a great deal about the subject and is ably to explain it in easy to understand terms.

As well as covering the basics of SASS, Brock also takes a look at a useful library (a href=’http://bourbon.io/’>Bourbon which can make life easier when using SASS.

I do feel that despite introducing SASS and Bourbon, and a couple of add-ons such as Bourbon Neat, that there is a certain assumption of prior knowledge in how quick some parts are covered.

For example, video 3_3 assumes you know the components folder under scss exists although I am fairly sure this was the first video to mention it.

Despite this I would say that the videos are easy to follow and in the one hour of the tutorial you get to see a website built around the sample content very quickly and apparently so easy as well.

My interest in SASS has definitely been tweaked again seeing how CSS can be made easier to write when nesting is available; it makes it so much more apparent what is a child of what.

If you’re looking to get a look at how SASS can be used then this video tutorial is a very good resource. The Bourbon library and Neat grid framework are also very interesting and you get to see how they can rapidly be used to add additional formatting.

Available from Packt Pub for the most reasonable price of $18.00 (RRP $59.98) you can’t go wrong.

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