Add Open Graph Tags


Add Open Graph Tags to attach rich photos to social media posts to Facebook or LinkedIn, helping to drive traffic to your website.

Options allow:

  • Excerpt or first 200 characters of post added to card.
  • Featured Image or first post image will be added to card.
  • Integrate with Floating Featured Images for card image.

This plugin is multisite compatible; each site will need settings to be configured in the admin dashboard.

Installation Instructions

  • Download the plugin from GitHub.
  • Upload the entire zip file using the Plugins upload function in your ClassicPress admin panel.
  • Activate the plugin.
  • Configure relevant settings via the configuration page in the admin control panel (azurecurve menu).

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I translate this plugin?

Yes, the .pot fie is in the plugins languages folder and can also be downloaded from the plugin page on; if you do translate this plugin, please sent the .po and .mo files to for inclusion in the next version (full credit will be given).

Is this plugin compatible with both WordPress and ClassicPress?

This plugin is developed for ClassicPress, but will likely work on WordPress.


Version 1.4.0

  • Add option to use featured image if one set, otherwise use existing functionality.
  • Fix bug with minimum image size check not using options.
  • Fix bug with population of default options causing whitescreen.
  • Disable Use FFI option if Floating Featured Image by azurecurve is not installed and active.

Version 1.3.4

  • Fix bug with call to non-existant function
  • Fix bug when no image found and no default set.
  • Update azurecurve menu.

Version 1.3.3

  • Fix bug with getfilesize call.
  • Fix bug with population of default options.

Version 1.3.2

  • Fix bug with population of default options.
  • Update azurecurve plugin menu.

Version 1.3.1

  • Remove unnecessary code from azrcrv_aogt_get_option function.

Version 1.3.0

  • Fix plugin action link to use admin_url() function.
  • Rewrite option handling so defaults not stored in database on plugin initialisation.

Version 1.2.1

  • Fix bug with incorrect image variable.

Version 1.2.0

  • Add plugin icon and banner.
  • Add minimum dimensions for open graph tags image.

Version 1.1.5

  • Check size of image greater than 100px and search for next; if none found use fallback image.

Version 1.1.4

  • Fix bug with setting of default options.
  • Fix bug with plugin menu.
  • Update plugin menu css.
  • Fix bug with call to atc function.

Version 1.1.3

  • Fix bug which prevented fall back image.
  • Rewrite default option creation function to resolve several bugs.
  • Upgrade azurecurve plugin to store available plugins in options.

Version 1.1.2

  • Update Update Manager class to v2.0.0.
  • Update action link.
  • Update azurecurve menu icon with compressed image.

Version 1.1.1

  • Fix bug with incorrect language load text domain.

Version 1.1.0

  • Add integration with Update Manager for automatic updates.
  • Fix issue with display of azurecurve menu.
  • Change settings page heading.
  • Add load_plugin_textdomain to handle translations.

Version 1.0.1

  • Add integration with Update Manager for automatic updates.
  • Fix issue with display of azurecurve menu.
  • Change settings page heading.

Version 1.0.0

  • Initial release.

About azurecurve

azurecurve was one of the first plugin developers to start developing for ClassicPress; all plugins are available from azurecurve Development and are integrated with the Update Manager plugin by CodePotent for fully integrated, no hassle, updates.

Some of the top plugins available from azurecurve are: