Theme Switcher

Theme Switcher

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# Description

Allows users to easily switch themes (ideal for allowing light/dark mode).

Theme switcher functionality is made available to users via a widget; settings done via widget administration.

Settings available to display available themes as a list or select drop-down; widget admin allows themes with certain prefix to be excluded and/or to include only themes containing a certain word or part of a word.

As an alternative to using the widget, the function azc_ts_theme_switcher() can be called directly; add ‘dropdown’ as a parameter to have the select drop-down, instead of the list, of themes returned.

This plugin is multisite compatible; each site will place and configure the Theme Switcher widget.

# Installation Instructions

* Download the latest release of the plugin from [GitHub](
* Upload the entire zip file using the Plugins upload function in your ClassicPress admin panel.
* Activate the plugin.
* Configure relevant settings via the configuration page in the admin control panel (azurecurve menu).

# Frequently Asked Questions

### Can I translate this plugin?
Yes, the .pot file is in the plugins languages folder; if you do translate this plugin, please sent the .po and .mo files to for inclusion in the next version (full credit will be given).

### Is this plugin compatible with both WordPress and ClassicPress?
This plugin is developed for ClassicPress, but will likely work on WordPress.

# Changelog

### [Version 1.2.5](
* Update azurecurve menu.
* Update readme files.

### [Version 1.2.4](
* Update azurecurve logo.

### [Version 1.2.3](
* Fix bug with version number.

### [Version 1.2.2](
* Fix bug with incorrect spelling in pluginimages foldername.

### [Version 1.2.1](
* Change use of deprecated class declaration.
* Fix bugs causing undeclared variable errors in widget creation.
* Update azurecurve menu.

### [Version 1.2.0](
* Fix plugin action link to use admin_url() function.
* Add plugin icon and banner.
* Update azurecurve plugin menu.

### [Version 1.1.6](
* Fix bug which broke plugin.
* Fix unassigned ts variable bug.

### [Version 1.1.5](
* Fix bug with plugin menu.
* Update plugin menu css.

### [Version 1.1.4](
* Change class name to avoid clash with method name.
* Upgrade azurecurve plugin to store available plugins in options.

### [Version 1.1.3](
* Update Update Manager class to v2.0.0.
* Update action link.
* Update azurecurve menu icon with compressed image.

### [Version 1.1.2](
* Correct problem with version number.

### [Version 1.1.1](
* Remove duplicate load language function.

### [Version 1.1.0](
* Add integration with Update Manager for automatic updates.
* Fix issue with display of azurecurve menu.
* Change settings page heading.
* Add load_plugin_textdomain to handle translations.

### [Version 1.0.1](
* Update azurecurve menu for easier maintenance.
* Move require of azurecurve menu below security check.

### [Version 1.0.0](
* Initial release for ClassicPress forked from azurecurve Theme Switcher which was forked from Theme Switcher.

# About azurecurve

**azurecurve** was one of the first plugin developers to start developing for ClassicPress; all plugins are available from [azurecurve Development]( and are integrated with the [Update Manager plugin]( for fully integrated, no hassle, updates.

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