To Twitter

To Twitter

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# Description

To Twitter includes the following functionality;
* Automatic tweeting of posts and pages to Twitter as they are published.
* Automatic retweeting of posts and pages a user specified period of time after publication.
* Scheduled tweeting of posts and pages on a randomly selected basis at a user specified date and time (each day separately configurable).
* Automatic adding of hashtags to posts and pages (save draft before manually adding any required hashtags).
* Automatic replacement of word or phrases with hashtags (for example, switch the word `ClassicPress` for `@GetClassicPress`).
* Sending of manual tweets (including tweet threads).
* Sending of scheduled tweets (including tweet threads) at a user specified date and time.
* Support for four media images attached to a tweet from posts, pages, manual and scheduled tweets.
* Integrates with [Short URLs]( from [azurecurve]( for post and page addresses in tweets.
* Retain and view tweet history.
* Links to tweets on Twitter in tweet history.

As scheduled tweets rely on cron for processing, large images can cause timeouts. This can be mitigated by switching off the wp-cron and setting up a cron job on your web host control panel.

This plugin is multisite compatible with each site having its own settings.

# Installation Instructions

* Download the latest release of the plugin from [GitHub](
* Upload the entire zip file using the Plugins upload function in your ClassicPress admin panel.
* Activate the plugin.
* Apply for a [Twitter Developer account](
* Create your Twitter application [here](
* Configure settings (including your Consumer API Keys and Access Token and Secret) via the configuration page in the admin control panel.

# Frequently Asked Questions

### Can I translate this plugin?
Yes, the .pot file is in the plugins languages folder; if you do translate this plugin, please sent the .po and .mo files to for inclusion in the next version (full credit will be given).

### Is this plugin compatible with both WordPress and ClassicPress?
This plugin is developed for ClassicPress, but will likely work on WordPress.

# Changelog

### [Version 1.17.3](
* Update azurecurve menu.
* Update readme files.

### [Version 1.17.2](
* Fix but with display of tweeted confirmation message in sidebar metabox.
* Update azurecurve menu.
* Update readme.txt and

### [Version 1.17.1](
* Fix security issue with missing escape on send manual tweet and scheudled tweet.
* Fix bug with azurecurve icon display.

### [Version 1.17.0](
* Update azurecurve logo.
* Update translations to escape strings.

### [Version 1.16.1](
* Fix missing icon.
* Fix issue in uninstall.php file stopping plugin being uninstalled.

### [Version 1.16.0](
* Add tweet send status to all history.
* Update post/page meta box to have separate tweet history section.
* Update azurecurve menu.
* Fix bug in display of tweet history page when no manual or scheduled tweets have been sent.
* Fix bug in display of scheduled tweet page when no scheduled tweets are scheduled.
* Fix bug in display of scheduled tweet history page when no scheduled tweets have been sent.
* Fix bug where blank tweet sent if no random scheduled page or post could be found.

### [Version 1.15.1](
* Remove debug code.

### [Version 1.15.0](
* Add manual tweets to history (when option to record history is set).
* Add link to Twitter for tweets on all history sections and pages.
* Add thread support to manual tweets.
* Add thread support to scheduled tweets.
* Update send tweet to record id of sent tweet.
* Fix bug with tweet of scheduled post tweet not recording history when tweet send failed.
* Fix bug with tweet history either not recording full history or not displaying full history.

### [Version 1.14.1](
* Fix incorrect Download link.

### [Version 1.14.0](
* Add image media upload to posts, pages, manual and scheduled tweets (up to four images supported).
* Fix bug with empty array when reloading post.

### [Version 1.13.0](
* Add function to handle multilevel default options correctly.

### [Version 1.12.0](
* Fix plugin action link to use admin_url() function.
* Rewrite option handling so defaults not stored in database on plugin initialisation.
* Add plugin icon and banner.
* Update azurecurve plugin menu.

### [Version 1.11.0](
* Add options to limit number of times a post/page can be automatically tweeted on a schedule.
* Fix bug with selection of posts/pages to exclude from scheduled tweets.

### [Version 1.10.3](
* Fix bug with scheduled post tweet duplicating content.

### [Version 1.10.2](
* Fix bug with select of scheduled tweet.

### [Version 1.10.1](
* Fix bug with scheduled tweets not including post title.

### [Version 1.10.0](
* Add tweet history page (only shown when keep tweet history option set.

### [Version 1.9.1](
* Fix bug with tweet format when option not set.

### [Version 1.9.0](
* Add options for default post and page tweet formats.

### [Version 1.8.0](
* Add *All* to categories selection for scheduled posts.
* Add tags for selection for scheduled posts.

### [Version 1.7.3](
* Fix bug with scheduled page tags joining onto URL.

### [Version 1.7.2](
* Fix bug with setting of default options.
* Fix bug with plugin menu.
* Update plugin menu css.
* Add missing registration hooks to restart scheduled tasks.

### [Version 1.7.1](
* Rewrite default option creation function to resolve several bugs.
* Upgrade azurecurve plugin to store available plugins in options.

### [Version 1.7.0](
* Improve handling of duplicate tags.
* Add function allowing retweets on delay after original tweet of post or pages.
* Fix bugs produced and visible in debug mode for new settings.

### [Version 1.6.0](
* Fix bug with tweet being erased on post save.
* Add option to allow prefix of dit to be added when generated tweet starts with an @.

### [Version 1.5.0](
* Add scheduled tweet of random page.
* Add option to exclude individual posts or pages from random scheduled tweets.

### [Version 1.4.1](
* Fix bug with setting of default options.

### [Version 1.4.0](
* Add scheduled tweets.

### [Version 1.3.0](
* Add scheduled tweet of random post.
* Add azurecurve menu entry.
* Amend Send Tweet to Send Manual tweet.
* Amend Send Manual tweet character counter to count up instead of down.
* Fix bug of Send Manual Tweet counter not counting final character.
* Update Update Manager class to v2.0.0.

### [Version 1.2.1](
* Fix incorrect version number problem.

### [Version 1.2.0](
* Add option to check autopost on new post.
* Add tweet history for posts.
* Add default category hashtags.
* Add default tag hashtags.
* Add word replacement where words in tweet can be replaced with @ or hashtags.
* Record and display history of tweets; includes setting to enable/disable.

### [Version 1.1.1](
* Fix bug with incorrect language load text domain.

### [Version 1.1.0](
* Add integration with Update Manager for automatic updates.
* Add load_plugin_textdomain to handle translations.

### [Version 1.0.0](
* Initial release.

# About azurecurve

**azurecurve** was one of the first plugin developers to start developing for ClassicPress; all plugins are available from [azurecurve Development]( and are integrated with the [Update Manager plugin]( for fully integrated, no hassle, updates.

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