Get Plugin Info

Shortcodes available to get plkugin information from using the plugin.api.

Parameter of slug is passed to the shortcode; the slug is the name of the plugin (for example, for this plugin, the slug is azurecurve-get-plugin-info). For example, to get information on the azurecurve Toggle Show/Hide plugin the slug of azurecurve-toggle-showhide would be passed.

The available shortcodes are:

  • getpluginname
  • getpluginactiveinstalls – number of active installs
  • getpluginauthor – automatically linked back to the authors profile
  • getpluginauthorprofile – address of author profile on
  • getpluginhomepage – address of developers website
  • getpluginrepository – address of theplugin on the WordPress Plugin Repository
  • getplugindescription
  • getpluginadded – date plugin was added to the WordPress Plugin repository
  • getplugindownloaded – number of times the plugin has been downloaded
  • getpluginsupportthreads – number of support threads
  • getpluginratings – shows rating with text; e.g. 5 stars (120)
  • getpluginstarratings – shows star image rating
  • getpluginrating
  • getplugininstallation – installation instructions
  • getpluginchangelog – changelog
  • getpluginfaq – faq
  • getplugindonatelink – donate link
  • getplugintags – list of hyperlinked tags

CSS formatting can be used to change appearence of links and tags.


Download from


  1. Download and extract the azurecurve-plugin-info plugin files.
  2. Upload the azurecurve-plugin-info directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  3. Activate the plugin under the Plugins menu in the WordPress administration panel.


Changes and feature additions for the Plugin Info plugin:


  • Move menu to includes folder for easier maintenance


  • Move menu to includes folder for easier maintenance


  • Add azurecurve menu


  • Initial release


azurecurve plugins are free, open source tools for increasing the potential of WordPress as a CMS.

Plugins are a result of many many hours spent to deliver best product possible, reading comments from you and trying to support every WordPress release as soon as possible.

You can help support the development by donating a small amount of money.

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