Nearby v3.0.1 Released

Nearby creates a table of nearby locations (pages) based on GPS co-ordinates. Nearby integrates with the following’>azurecurve | Development plugins: Flags allows a location to be set for a page; this will display the location flag next to the location name in the table of nearby attractions. Icons allows… Read more“Nearby v3.0.1 Released”

Mobile Detection v1.2.3 Released

Plugin providing shortcodes and functions to allow different content to be served to different types of device (Desktop, Tablet, Phone); also includes checks on types of device (iOS, iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone) and mobile browsers (Chrome, Firefox, IE, Opera, WebKit). The following shortcodes are available: ismobile isnotmobile isphone isnotphone… Read more“Mobile Detection v1.2.3 Released”