Strong Password Generator v1.0.1 Released

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Create password forms allowing users to create strong passwords consisting of upper/lower case letters, numbers and symbols.

Options are maintained via a Settings page on the azurecurve menu.

Password forms are placed using the strong-password-generator shortcode and can have a number of parameters supplied to override the defaults from the options page; each shortcode must have an id parameter supplied. Available parameters are:

  • password-length – length of password to be generated.
  • password-minimum-length – minimum length of passwords which can be generated.
  • password-maximum-length – maximum length of passwords which can be generated.
  • password-number – number of passwords to generate.
  • password-maximum-number – maximum umber of passwords which user can generate.
  • text-before – text to display before password form.
  • text-after – text to display after password form.
  • label-password-length – label for password length field.
  • label-password-number – label for number of passwords to generate field.
  • label-lowercase – label for valid lowercase field.
  • label-uppercase – label for valid uppercase field.
  • label-numeric – label for valid numbers field.
  • label-symbols – label for valid symbols field.
  • allow-lowercase – allow user to include uppercase characters.
  • allow-uppercase – allow user to include uppercase characters.
  • allow-numeric – allow user to include number.
  • allow-symbols – allow user to include symbols.
  • valid-lowercase – list of valid lowercase characters.
  • valid-uppercase – list of valid uppercase characters.
  • valid-numeric – list of valid numbers.
  • valid-symbols – list of valid symbols.

Example shortcode usage:

[strong-password-generator id="password-1"  text-before="The password generator below can be used to produce passwords compatible with Microsoft Dynamics GP." allow-symbols=1]

This plugin is multisite compatible, with options set on a per site basis.

note Changelog

  • Update readme files.
  • Update language template.
  • Fix bug with azurecurve menu.

arrow_down Download

Download from GitHub to manually install; if you already have the plugin installed, an update will be available in the admin dashboard.

bug Support

If you have any problems to log or features to request, contact me via the ClassicPress Plugin Support Forum or you can log an issue via the GitHub repository.

lightbulb Issues/Ideas

Iā€™m keen to resolve any issues and happy to consider functionality requests, so please get in touch if you want to report a problem or ask for new functionality.

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