BBCode v2.1.3 Released

Allows users to use standard bbcodes in posts and pages in place of HTML tags.

The following bbcodes can be used:

Center Text:
    [center]centered text[/center]
Font size:
    [size=12pt]12pt font size[/size]
    [size=1.2em]1.2em font size[/size]
    [size=12px]12px font size[/size]
    [img=ClassicPress logo][/img]
Ordered lists:
    [ol]ordered list[/ol]
Unordered lists:
    [ul]unordered list[/ul]
List items:
    [li]list item[/li]
Table Row:
Table Header:
Table data (cell):
    [code]function azc_bbcode_bold($atts, $content = null){ return "".do_shortcode($content).""; }[/code]

Allows users to use standard bbcodes in posts and pages; Shortcodes in Comments can be used to allow bbcodes in comments and Shortcodes in Widgets can allow them in widgets.

This plugin is multisite compatible.

note Changelog

  • Update readme file for compatibility with ClassicPress Directory..

arrow_down Download

Download from GitHub to manually install; if you already have the plugin installed, an update will be available in the admin dashboard.

bug Support

If you have any problems to log or features to request, contact me via the ClassicPress Plugin Support Forum or you can log an issue via the GitHub repository.

lightbulb Issues/Ideas

I’m keen to resolve any issues and happy to consider functionality requests, so please get in touch if you want to report a problem or ask for new functionality.

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